S&F_n. 21_2019 – Gallery di Nicola Guarino

Nicola Guarino



Vanitas vanitatum et omnia vanitas


Nasce a Pompei (1980), vive a Milano.

Si occupa da diversi anni di comunicazione.

La sua ricerca artistica ruota attorno ai cortocircuiti tra immagine e significato, tecnologia e linguaggio.




Del progetto Disappearing people che illustra S&F_n. 21_2019 dice:

I was searching for something on Google Street View and I found this very interesting glitch, that partially erase people body. I immediately found it very meaningful, an incredibly precise visual metaphor for current times,  virtualization of human relations, insecurity, precariousness, lack of vision on the future: symptoms of a general humanity disease that make people slowly and silently disappear, without leaving any sign. This is even more significant in the influencers era, the mass hysteria that force us to compulsively post our selfies on a daily basis. This shot is one of a series. I’m travelling all around the world using Google Street View, in order to find more disappearing people.


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